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Shield Steinway

Giving notice

Lessons may only be stopped at the end of a term.  Notice to discontinue lessons must be given in writing (which includes email) to the Music Manager by the beginning of the half-term holiday of the term at the end of which you wish the lessons to cease.  Notice given any later than this will be deemed to apply to the following term. For example, to stop lessons at the end of the Autumn term, written notice must have reached the Music department office no later than Friday 12 October 2018 otherwise notice must be served until end of the Spring term 2019. You will receive written confirmation to acknowledge when music lessons will cease. If you do not receive a letter within 2 weeks of giving notice, please contact the Music department.

During Study Leave, when pupils are not required on site, we will assume that they will not attend instrumental lessons. However, pupils may opt in for lessons as and when they can attend.