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Shield Steinway

Missed and Fixed Lessons

Potential Clashes with Music Lessons

Loughborough Schools Music, as far as possible, will avoid scheduling music lessons during trips, tests, sporting activities and other school commitments. However, all senior pupils are responsible for informing the Music department of the times and dates of school commitments. This also applies to private appointments during the school day, a doctor’s appointment for example. A minimum of two week’s notice is required otherwise lessons may still be scheduled and charged for. Notice can be given by completing a purple absence notification slip, available at the Music department Reception.
Please note if your child is absent from school due to illness they may not come in to attend an individual music lesson.

Fixed Lessons

Fixed lessons are usually reserved for pupils in Y11, 12 & 13 as they cannot miss academic lessons in their examination subjects. Lessons for pupils below these years are only fixed, with the agreement of the Director of Music, when the pupil learns multiple instruments or there is a demonstrable need for having a fixed time.

Senior Pupils: Fixed lessons may be made available to Y11 & 6th Form only and only if it can be fixed in one of their free lessons, at lunchtime or after school.

Fixed lessons are not available to Fairfield pupils

Exceptions: Early morning slots may be used for those pupils whose parents are able to get them here on time. If a teacher normally starts teaching at, say, 8:15am, they should ask all their pupils who would be able to make that time and then rotate those pupils in that time – not simply fix it for one pupil.

The last lesson slot for Fairfield pupils is 3:00pm (finishing at 3:30pm) and only if parents have agreed to pick their child up. Fairfield pupils must not be allowed to wait in the car park unattended.