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Shield Steinway

Mini Music For Parents and Tots

Mini Music Classes (Formerly Kindergarten Music) have been running successfully here at the Loughborough Endowed Schools since September 2007.  The classes are aimed at pre-school children aged 3-4 years.  They feed into the music curriculum which the children go on to follow in their Reception year at Fairfield.  Classes involve both child along with their parent/carer and include a variety of activities; we play games, move to music, sing and play percussion.  Using stories, puppets, pictures, ribbons and other props we have fun and explore the elements of music and enjoy making music together.  We listen to many styles of music and regularly have staff and students from the Music School playing live music.  Children from the age of 6 months also enjoy these classes and are also welcome to join.

There are ten 40 minute classes per term, which take place in the Music School on Friday mornings. Classes are led by our Head of Strings Mrs Kate Burns.  We currently have two classes; one at 8.55am and the other at 11am. A small charge is made for these classes.

Application forms for Mini Music Classes are available from the Music School Office and can also be downloaded from the Music School website; please click here for an application form.

 For further information contact the Music School Office on 01509 283770 or email [email protected]