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Shield Steinway

Tuition Assistance Scheme

We at the Loughborough Schools Foundation are committed to providing the very best in musical education and opportunities for our pupils. The development of the spectacular, award-winning Music department in 2006 and the attainment of All Steinway School status in 2015, are each a testament to this determination to offer enhanced provision in this important area. Music education is recognised for developing skills beyond music ability: it cultivates social skills in encouraging teamwork in ensembles and choirs; refines discipline and patience by developing focussed attention during practice; boosts self-esteem by offering a platform whereby everyone recognises that all have room for improvement, and presenting the results of their hard work to a public audience. Maths and music skills are highly intertwined, and there is strong evidence that learning music improves memory skills.

In recognising that a music education is important, we want to be able to ensure that barriers to taking up an instrument are not insurmountable.

Our Music Tuition Assistance Scheme is designed to support our instrumental teaching programme by offering financial assistance for individual instrumental or vocal lessons at Loughborough Schools Music. The scheme has two strands, offering support in two main areas:

The Endangered Species Instrument Programme (ESIP) is designed to encourage the take-up of less common instruments such as trombone, French horn, oboe, bassoon and double bass, to ensure that we can continue to provide balanced ensemble provision in the future. ESIP is a two-year scheme that provides one term’s instrumental tuition free of charge, followed by five further terms of tuition at half the usual rate. We can offer only a limited number of ESIP awards each year, and applications are invited towards the end of the summer term in advance of starting in September.

Instrumental Music Assistance (IMA) is also available to enable those receiving means-tested financial assistance from the schools to access our exceptional instrumental teaching. It gives a discount on the cost of instrumental tuition, subject to status.

We have limited finance available for these schemes, which exist due to the generosity of our current donors. If you feel you are able to make a single donation, or a regular gift, please use the links below.