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Shield Steinway

Music for Youth Success

Three of LES Music School’s ensembles have been selected to perform on a main stage at the prestigious Music for Youth National Festival 2017 this coming July. For the Symphonic Wind Band, this will be the second successive year that they have been selected for this exciting opportunity, and our Sax Ensemble and the Massed Strings, comprising students between Year 3 and Year 13,  have also made it through to the national stage this year.

The groups, who submitted recorded performances for adjudication last term, received outstanding, positive feedback on their recordings before being selected to appear in Birmingham.

Symphonic Wind Band (dir. Mr Aidan Geary): “A wonderful band.” “Very musical and mature.” “Exciting performance, great energy.” “Wonderful section work throughout the band.”

Sax Ensemble (dir. Mrs Victoria Watson): “Chilled, relaxed and very impressive.” “Blended tone is warm, rich and with excellent intonation.” “Such fun! Very tidy finger work and neat articulation.”

Massed Strings (dir. Mrs Kate Burns): “A wonderful string orchestra.” “Wonderful control of the music throughout.”“Wonderful subtle changes within the music which are only possible with very good technique and a mature musical approach.”

We are delighted that these groups have been recognised by MfY. It is a just reward for the enormous effort that the players have put into rehearsing and recording to such a high standard.